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Able, Gifted and Talented Students

At Maiden Erlegh School we are determined to provide enrichment opportunities, to ensure pace and challenge in lessons for all pupils and students, including the most able, gifted and talented.

Maiden Erlegh School is the first school in Wokinhgam to achieve the prestigious national NACE Challenge Award for excellence in provision for able, gifted and talented pupils.

Around ten percent of each year group are on the school register for gifted and talented . Pupils become eligible for the register if they have scored 129 or above in one of the Cognitive Ability Tests (CATS). (Verbal reasoning, Non-Verbal reasoning or Quantitative Reasoning).

We also place on a shadow register those pupils who have been identified by subject areas as having a level of potential or ability significantly ahead of their year group. They may also qualify through evidence of outstanding achievement in a learning activity pursued outside of school.

Class registers identify pupils and students with particular learning needs, including the able, gifted and talented. All Departments have specific policies and strategies for meeting the needs of gifted and talented pupils and students, and schemes of work show what provision is made for them.

A number of extra-curricular and enrichment activities are provided during the course of the year to provide additional appropriate opportunities for able, gifted and talented youngsters.

To support our exceptionally able we run our Gold Programme in Key Stage 4 and have recently launched our Silver Programme in Key Stage 3. For more information on the Gold and Silver Programmes click here.

Existing Gold Programme students enjoyed a visit to Cambridge University in July 2013. To read about the trip, click here.

We also provide a Guide For Parents on how to support their gifted and talented child.

Mr Mike Haddrell, Deputy Headteacher is the point of contact for the parents of pupils and students who are on the register for gifted and talented


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