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Business and Enterprise

Welcome to the Business Studies and Economics Department. Our team of six specialist teachers deliver a wide range of courses throughout Key Stages 4 and 5, as well as helping to develop financial awareness courses as part of the tutor programme.

The Business Studies and Economics Department are a thriving and successful department. Our team comprises of six highly driven teachers who encompass a diverse range of skills, all with different backgrounds of industry and teaching placements. The Business Studies and Economic Department has successfully expanded each year since 2005.

Business Studies is an extremely popular subject which is consistently over-subscribed largely due to the diverse topics that are studied. We teach GCSE and A Level Business Studies with teachers specialising in their areas of experience and strengths. We have a very high retention of AS students continuing at A2 and a large proportion successfully carry on to a Business based University course. We also offer a Level 2 NCFE course in Business and Enterprise which is tailored to a more vocational learning style.

In addition, we offer GSCE Economics to students as an option in Year 9. This three year course will equip students with the appropriate skills and knowledge for future employment, looking at micro and macro-economic factors and the UK economy and globalisation. From September 2015, we will be offering A Level Economics as an option for Sixth Form students.

We provide a variety of extra-curricular activities in order to develop students’ skills and experiences including a residential visit to Belgium centred around the European Parliament, the Young Enterprise Challenge and an Enterprise Challenge in lessons. In addition, the department provides the opportunity to join the Promotions Team and to participate in the IFS Student Investor Challenge in teams.

As a department we aim to convey the importance of the diverse range of aspects of Business Studies and Economics to students, so that they are able to use the knowledge and skills they acquire throughout the courses we provide in any future career they choose.

Mr A Johnson (Head of Faculty)

Maiden Erlegh School